The history of Flexitallic has always been about the future.


In 1912, Flexitallic Gasket Company was formed in Camden, New Jersey by German immigrant Mr. Henry Bohmer. Driven by the industry's need for an improved, safe, and effective sealing solution for increasingly demanding applications, Flexitallic invented the spiral wound gasket.


Mr. Henry Bohmer died in 1941 and the business passed over to his widow, Mrs. Ebba Bohmer. Flexitallic's reputation and growth was established during the 1940’s when Admiral "Bull" Halsey of the United States Navy recalled his fleet and had six battleships overhauled and fitted with Flexitallic gaskets. The Flexitallic gaskets dramatically helped to prevent steam loss that had limited their power in heavy seas. Applications for commercial ships soon followed.


Flexitallic Press ShopIn 1959, the Flexitallic Gasket Company was sold to Mr. Bradway, who ran the company until the sale to T&N.  Also during this time, high performance PTFE sheet materials were developed and exfoliated graphite emerged into the market. Towards the end of the 60’s, the trend was moving towards non-asbestos materials. Flexitallic was at the forefront of this trend with non-asbestos fillers for spiral wound gaskets.


President CarterWood Brothers (Gaskets Limited) in the UK was bought by T&N in 1970 and the company was renamed Flexitallic Ltd. Flexitallic engineers worked with inventor Lawrence L. Guzick to produce an energy-saving device which replaced steam traps on U.S. Navy ships. This resulted in $10.5m of savings per year for the Navy.  For this innovation, President Carter presented the John C. Vaaler Award to Mr. Guzick in 1976.  Flexitallic was licensed to manufacture the device for commercial purposes.


Flexitallic Sigma 500In the 1980’s, Flexitallic developed Sigma® for use in challenging chemical applications. Since its launch, a range of other materials have been developed to meet ever increasing demands of the chemical industry. Also in the 80’s, Flexitallic USA moved from Camden, New Jersey to Deer Park, Texas.


Thermiculite GasketDuring the 1990’s, Flexitallic developed another exceptional sheet material: Thermiculite® 815. First used in high temperature applications, Thermiculite® has since been established as the industry's “problem solver” for the most demanding sealing applications. In 1994, TBA Sealing Materials in Rochdale, UK is incorporated into the Flexitallic Group under T&N.


Spiral Wound CGI GasketFlexitallic continued with the innovation of new products, developing hybrid gaskets and furthering enhancements of the Thermiculite® range. In 2002, Flexitallic was awarded the John C. Vaaler Award, for a second time, for the development of Thermiculite®. 30 years after its first award, Flexitallic is still being recognized as a leader in the industry. In 2007, the Flexitallic Group was bought by The FDS Group. In 2009, the FDS Group acquired Sealex and AGS Group Inc.


Change GasketFlexitallic marks its 100th Anniversary with the introduction of a new technology, a dynamic recovery gasket, called the Change™ gasket. In 2014, Flexitallic utilized the Change™ gasket technology to help improve corrosive applications by introducing the Change-HF™ and Change-CR™. All have had tremendous success. The Academy of Joint Integrity was launched in 2010 to raise awareness of sealing technology and to provide professional accredited training services to support its global client base.


Corriculite GasketFlexitallic continues to innovate through the development of new gaskets and materials.  Corriculite™ is the newest in anti-corrosive material design joining the Flexitallic family of advanced products and materials.  Also in 2016, Flexitallic opened a new testing laboratory in Houston, and new manufacturing locations in USA, Germany, and the Middle East.  Flexitallic maintains the vision of their early founders by solving customers’ problems and by leading with continuous innovation in sealing technology.

The Future

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